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After officially launching at UK Games Expo last year, Tabletop Gaming Magazine are celebrating their first birthday with a limited edition cover variant for issue five that will ONLY be available at this year’s Expo and is limited to just 500 copies. This special Expo edition features artwork from Alan R. Moon’s Ticket to Ride and there’s a five-page report inside detailing the making of this iconic game, alongside exclusive interviews with Hawk Wargames about Dropfleet Commander, Osprey Games on the future of Frostgrave and Matt Leacock about his latest game Knit Wit. We’ll show you the other cover variant this week.


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Armada Wave IV

Featuring two new, fleet-defining ships, one each for the Rebels and Imperials, Armada Wave IV is your chance to harness the power of gravity well projectors, grav shift reroutes, massive forward-facing Rebel guns, and other powerful, new technologies. Use them to set traps for your opponents. Engage the enemy on new terms. Amplify the strategic importance of your objectives. And alter the very shape of the battlefield.

With its new ships, strategic adjustments, and Experimental Retrofit upgrades, Armada Wave IV does more than just add new ship and commander options; it presents you all-new ways to enjoy the fleet battles you love!



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Zombie Brain

Some usefull infomation if you play Zombicide 🙂


Top Five Table Top Games

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Board Games Through the Ages

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Fantasy Flight Games DeathWatch RPG

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Star Wars Rebellion

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A Date for your Gaming Diary 🙂

The ICC will be hosting the Fantasy Flight Games National Tournament over the weekend of 12th-14th August, the first tournament of its kind to include every title in the Fantasy Flight organised play range.

The tournament will take place in the ICC’s newly refurbished 3000m2 Hall 3 and will be run by Esdevium Games Ltd who are one of the leading games distributors in Europe and Fantasy Flight games representative in the U.K. distributing products and facilitating their Organised Play programs.

Mike Budd, Demonstrations and Organised Play Manager of Esdevium Games said: “We are really looking forward to bringing our national tournament to the ICC, the staff have been very professional to work with and Hall 3 is perfect for such a prestigious event.”

“Gamers will be travelling from all over the UK, so along with the excellent transport links, the central location in Birmingham means our guests will have easy access to hotels and plenty of fantastic restaurants to suit all budgets. We know our gamers are going to have a brilliant time with everything the city has to offer.”

The ICC will see over 1000 gamers of Fantasy Flight Games compete for a place at the World Championships in Minnesota, USA, in November, with a number of spectators arriving to take in the action.

Sales Director of the ICC, James Elston, said: “We look forward to welcoming everyone who will be attending the Fantasy Flight Games National Tournament in August.  We are really excited about this event as it not only shows the flexibility as a venue but will open up more opportunities into this arena.”


A Date for your Diary 🙂


MTG:Cryptolith Rite


MTG: New Release Announcement


MTG: These Guys are quite excited about this card 🙂


MTG: Rise from the Tides



Efka from No Pun Included caught up with Matt Leacock and Zev Shlasinger to talk with them about the importance of local gaming stores!



Some Cool images from Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower

Tenebrael ShardExcelsior WarpriestFyreslayer DoomseekerKnight QuestorMistweaver Saihsigmar1sigmar2



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Board game boys and girls date over dice

Couples at the Draughts café have a choice of 700 board games to use as a conversation starter.Richard Pohle/The Times

They have become the retro hangout of choice for Generation Xbox, but the craze for board game cafés may be London’s best-kept dating secret.

Dedicated venues have also been popping up in Oxford, Bournemouth and Hastings, attracting twentysomethings who want to socialise over traditional board games, treating dice and Monopoly money like exotic relics from an analogue age.

Staff at Draughts, the first café to tap into the demand in London, report that people on first dates are also turning to board games as a conversation starter.

“It’s an icebreaker,” said Val Longo, the manager.



Esdevium Games are very excited to announce that the eagerly anticipatedStar Wars: Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games will be available in the UK from next week!



A Fun packed Game for everyone



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