Chaos Invasion

40K Battle Report – A Chaos Invasion Is Set In Motion.

  • The Chaos Demons and the Traitor Guardsman had been causing plenty of carnage until being confronted by a large force of Space Marines.

A legendary regiment of Imperial Guardsmen, commanded by Commander Beer had won countless battles for the Imperium of Man. Considered one of the finest regiments in battle it was a massive blow when they all vanished without trace. Investigations had drawn a blank and mankind was for most of the time more concerned about the survival of the human race.

A report from a rookie inquisitor had revealed that a Bloodthirster had gathered a force of brutal demons.
His success however was not without help.
Commander Beer had been seduced by promises from the Chaos God Slaanesh and had thus devoted his efforts to the forces of Chaos. He and his guardsmen had slaughtered loads of civilian populations with a horde of horrific demons.

The Imperium of Man had struggled to deal with the fact that one of their best regiments was now an enemy to be purged.
One day, Commander Beer commenced an attack on the outskirts of Davis Ten, a large city. He had no idea that his renegade forces had been tracked down by a new Space Marine force known as Vindicta. They had accepted the mission to purge as much of these vile traitors as they could.

So battle commenced with the two forces advancing towards each other. The ground shook as Knight Wharton strode forth taking aim with his massive ranged weapons. He had joined forces with the Vindicta Space Marines for this battle to provide them with fire support. His gatling cannon turned a few traitor guardsmen to pulp on the battlefield.

Tactical marines along with a Chaplain and a Dreadnought arrived via Drop Pod to bring their guns to bear on the advancing Bloodletters who were looking for skulls to add to Khorne’s Throne. Another Dreadnought with a missile launcher and a assault cannon plus some Centurions brought their weapons to bear on the demons. A few of them were slain.
The Bloodthirster was forced to stay in the air as the Space Marines were all close together.

When the game was ended the Space Marines were on the front foot and a couple of horrified guardsmen were trying to flee. Myself and AJ commanded the Space Marines whilst Joe and Malcolm commanded the Chaos forces.

I hope you enjoy the photos I took of this battle and also enjoy reading this battle report.

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