Crystal Maze Artifact

Crystal Hive had been the location of a powerful Crystal shaped artifact which had been sought by many armies over the years. A Sanguinary Priest (Hanson Drake), driven mad by recent events wanted the artifact for himself and a small force of Blood Angels had agreed to help him get it with no thought of the consequences this would bring.

As he was wanted for questioning at Terra after he had slaughtered an entire civilian populace a force of Grey Knights had arrived to arrest Hanson Drake but they never got the chance to do so. Instead they were confronted by a giant walker who demanded the reason for their presence and when the Grey Knights had refused to answer the walker attacked and slaughtered them all. Laughing upon hearing this Hanson Drake knew that the artifact was his for the taking but he reckoned without Captain Ironfist and the Imperial Fists 3rd Company who had also arrived to apprehend him as a backup force to the Grey Knights.

Soon a brutal struggle took place between Hanson, Ironfist and Magna Stompa whilst the rest of the Imperial Fists were attacked and slain by the Priests forces which included a Stormraven Gunship. Eventually Ironfist tore off Hanson Drakes head with his power fist but had been wounded by the priest during the fight. Nevertheless he would fight on and wondered how a Grey Knights force could be wiped out so quickly. As fresh reinforcements arrived he headed towards the artifact where the answer was revealed. An Imperial Knight known as Tybalt had been in action on Crystal Hive for some time, guarding the artifact against all comers. Ironfist questioned the loyalty of the knight and Tybalt responded by saying that he had been ordered by Segmentum Command to assist Commissar Yarrick in using the artifact. With that Tybalt began advancing on the Imperial Fists and Ironfist had no choice but to fight him and his Guardsmen allies.

Whilst Ironfist stormed the artifact’s position and attacked Yarrick’s forces Tybalt blasted, sliced and stomped all that stood in his way. Ironfist took advantage of a mistake from Yarrick to punch the Commissar into the ground. As Ironfist rose his fist in defiance then it happened. As an enraged Knight Tybalt was about to stomp Ironfist flat Veteran Guardsmen blasted the Imperial Fists Captain off his feet with well aimed Grenades from a couple of Grenade Launchers. Two Tactical Marines grabbed hold of Ironfist and hauled him out of harms way to safety. Knight Tybalt may have held onto the Crystal Artifact but not without Yarrick being wounded by Ironfist’s assault. The remaining Imperial Fists withdrew to report what they had found on Crystal Hive.

The scores of the two games I played are below:

GAME 1 Hanson Drakes Blood Angels – 9 Victory Points (Including First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line breaker). Imperial Fists – 2 Victory Points (Slay the Warlord)

GAME 2: Imperial Guard – 6 Victory Points (Including First Blood and Slay The Warlord) Imperial Fists – 2 Victory Points (Slay The Warlord) I hope you enjoy reading this battle report. D.J.

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