Eldar Shrine Conflict

  • Captain Ironfist arrives at the location of the Eldar Shrine.

For many years, the Eldar shrine on Dracula Moonshine was a place for the Eldar to go for refuge during their constant battle to survive. Farseer Bellatrix had been guarding it for most of the time since she became a Farseer and many attacks on the shrine had been repelled by her forces which included a squad of Wraithguard.

On one fateful day a deadly small force of Space Wolves launched an assault on the shrine, their aim was to destroy it and any xenos that stood in their way.
Their leader, Captain Frost Axe rode on a Thunderwolf in a unit of Thunderwolf Cavalry and many enemy leaders had met their demise at his hands.

For almost a full day Bellatrix and her forces tried desperately to stop Frost Axe from destroying the shrine but in the end the Green Wolves would not be denied.
With her bodyguard savaged by the Thunderwolves, she raised her staff in the hope of landing a defiant strike on Frost Axe but the Green Wolf Captain made a charge of his own and in no time at all the Farseers badly torn corpse lay where she fell after the Thunderwolves had feasted on her.

The battle was far from over however. Just as Captain Frost Axe had raised the head of Farseer Bellatrix into the air in triumph the main webway gate crackled with energy and then a small Eldar force appeared. Wraithseer Doomshine, one of the most feared Eldar leaders in the universe, strode to battle once more and with him was a Wraithknight and six Eldar Jetbikes. Captain Frost Axe prepared to face this new threat when suddenly a horrible sound spread across the entire area.
From multiple points genestealers from Hive Fleet Eurayle, which had infiltrated the shrine suddenly emerged from the ground having being awakened from slumber.

For the Eldar, it suddenly became a race against time to not only take out the Green Wolves but also escape before the Tyranids came for them. Fighting against two enemy forces would become difficult for the Green Wolves but they would recieved unexpected assistance. Captain Ironfist had been monitoring the battle from Battle Barge Sword of Justice and upon detecting the slumbering genestealers wasted little time in getting a strikeforce deployed on Dracula Moonshine. This included two squads of Tactical Marines in Drop Pods.

Once the Imperial Fists arrived there their attempt at destroying the Eldar Shrine would be blunted by some of the Genestealers and the firepower from the Wraithknight before it then headed towards the advancing Thunderwolves.
Swinging it’s mightly blade the Wraithknight sliced three of them in half before some more Genestealers pounced and ultimately killed Captain Frost Axe which would be a terrible blow to the Green Wolves. Captain Ironfist and Magna Stompa would also be swept aside as the Genestealers charge gathered momentum.

With the Imperial forces reduced plus the Tyranids gathering in momentum Wraithseer Doomshine and the Wraithknight prepared to defend Dracula Moonshine for as long as they could. Below are the victory points scored by both sides.

ELDAR/TYRANIDS – 6 Victory Points (Including Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord)

IMPERIAL FISTS/SPACE WOLVES – 2 Victory Points (Linebreaker and First Blood).

I hope you enjoy reading this battle report and would like to thank Scott, Big Dan and Joe for playing this game with me.

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