Xenos Strike Again

  • Captain Lysander appears but the teleportation does not go smoothly. It results in his squad landing a slight distance away from the intended landing zone.

The previous encounter with the Xenos alliance caused havoc, the Imperial Fists 3rd Company were drawing up plans to deal with this by adding more ranged firepower, however, in the 41st Millenium, battle came calling to interrupt these plans.

An Iron Hands recruiting world known as Travis Six, had mysteriously lost most of the population in just a few hours, a strike force of Iron Hands led by Techmarine Brutus went to investigate and they did not like what they found.

Farseer Wraithblade and his small brutal Eldar army had come to Travis Six looking to protect their precious wraithstone from being destroyed. Techmarine Brutus had come with heavy firepower in mind so the Iron Hands could blast them to pieces.
All this changed when spore pods from Hive Fleet Eurayle crashed into the ground and multiple Tyranids appeared. This confirmed to the Iron Hands that the Alien Alliance had returned once again and their numbers were not enough to repel both forces so Techmarine Brutus made the reluctant call for assistance.

This was answered by Capain Lysander who agreed to teleport directly onto the planet surface with a small force of Imperial Fists in the hope of distracting the xenos long enough for the Iron Hands to be able to defend Travis Six. Initially the Iron Hands heavy firepower from their Sternguard, Predator Tanks, Whirlwind Tank and a Dreadnought armed with autocannons along with their tactical marines destroyed a few Tyranids. Unfortunately the ground suddenly shook as a massive Trygon erupted from the ground having dug a tunnel to the surface. This tunnel would be used by more Tyranids from Hive Fleet Eurayle as fresh reinforcements for the alien horde.

Meanwhile Squad Alpha landed behind the Eldar forces and their gunfire took down a single Jetbike. Enraged by this Farseer Wraithblade led an instant counter attack which wiped out half of Squad Alpha. Undeterred they dug in and managed to take out both of the Warlocks whilst the battle around them continued. Squad Bravo suffered a co-ordinate malfunction and landed far away from the battle to be useful. The same thing happened to Captain Lysander and he was angered when the Eldar gunned down his entire bodyguard. His rage drove him to charge and wipe out an entire squad of Tyranid Warriors by himself.

Despite the best efforts of the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands the Xenos Alliance had taken strategic control of the battlefield. Below are the scores that both sides achieved by completing objectives on their objective cards along with other things like linebreaker etc.




I would like to thank Big Rob, Scott and Big Dan for the game as well as my Dad for providing the table and scenery. Hope you enjoy reading this battle report.



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